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Looking for Books, Private lessons,Accommodations or a Job?
UniBookApp is the easiest way to sell or buy!

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You can search books, private lessons, accommodations or job opportunities... otherwise put your offers on sale! It's quick and simple!

It's FREE!

UniBookApp is Free.
Just log-in to avail yourself of the full range of features!

Save your searches

You didn't find what you were looking for? Save the parameters of your search, UniBookApp will notify you as soon as what is right for you is added!

Integrated Chat

Get in touch with the buyer/seller directly within the App with the integrated chat system!

Time saving

All the features are intuitive and what you need is just a couple clicks away! All the results to your searches are detailed and geolocated to help you choose the best.


UniBookApp will notify you all the important information such as a new item you were looking for or a reply to your Ad with a push notification on your smartphone.
You won't lose the opportunity you were looking for!

How it works

UniBookApp works on both iOS and Android up to the latest versions.


Search UniBookApp in the Apple Store of your iPhone or with the button below.


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Feature Image

Registration is not required for the basic functions of UniBookApp but it's so quick you won't regret!


You can start looking for what you need and browsing the results without any registration.

Registered user

If you want to send a message to the seller, save your searches or favorites you should register, it's simple and free!

UniBookApp makes it easy to find Books, Lessons, Accommodations, Jobs... just type in the infos of what you are looking for and browse the detailed results!

Our goal

... is providing you with the best tools to sell or buy in just few clicks. The interface is intuitive and powerful at the same time

What you get

...is an App designed for the students. It covers many of your needs, not just one!

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Feature Image

Can't find what you were looking for... or you prefer to wait for a better offer?

Save your searches

You can save any search and all its parameters.

We will let you know

You don't need to keep checking the App, we will notify you as soon as anything relevant is added.

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